Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to make Thermite

Today I will be teaching you how to Make Thermite. I know it is not too much of a life hack but you never know when having the heat of the sun in a ball of Play-Doh ready to go may come in use. Please be sure to read everything before thinking about trying this one.

**** WARNING **** Use EXTREME caution.
Thermite burns up to 2500 degrees celcius!!
Never use it near another living creature and make sure no one is near when its lit.
ONCE THERMITE IS LIT AND ACTIVE IT IS IRRIVERSABLE!! You will need to let it burn itself out before it stops.
NEVER POUR WATER ON THERMITE! It will cause a explosion of molten metal
Always make sure to wear UV protective glasses when looking at a thermite reaction. The reaction releases a large amount of UV light and may hurt your eyes

Ok now that we got that over with. Here are some uses for thermite.
1. In small portion it will spot weld metal together
2. If you pile up sand under thermite it will melt the sand into a unique glass form
3. It makes things go away that you do not want to exist anymore.. (Large ant colony or hard drives with sensative information)
4. Put the mix into a clay pot with rocks to see what a lava flow looks like in person.
5. to cut large metal objects in half
6. to show off with friends
7. As a absolute last resort if a preditor is coming to kill you. (Set it off between you and the animal and it will run... They all run...)

Now that you know a little more about Thermite please see how it is made. (Do not read this unless you read everything above! If you hurt yourself or others or get in trouble I take no responsibility! This is your choice weather to make this or not)

Ingredients needed
1. Powder Aluminum For this either go to a paint store and buy a little can or break open a etch-a-sketch. The grey stuff inside is pure aluminum powder

2. Powder Rust Either go back to the paint store and buy a little can or make your own. Best and safest way is to put steel wool into a jar with a water bleach (6 tablespoons)and white vinager (6 tablespoons). Come back in a day and filter the brown goo into a coffee filter and let dry in the sun.

3. Magnesium strip or party sparkler

Mixing the powders Thermite is 8 grams of powder rust to 3 grams of powder aluminum. The aluminum is much lighter than the rust so it will seem about even. Put into a dry jar and shake until it is a even mixture.

To make a moldable thermite ball to cary around knead 4 parts Thermite to 1 part Play-Doh Setting the thermite off Thermite will need a ton of heat to be lit.
That is where the magnesium strip comes in. Place the strip in giving yourself about 3 inches of fuse and light it up. Next get about 10 feet away and make sure not to look directly into the magnesium strip. On a side note a party sparkler also works if you cannot find thermite as it will burn hot enough to ignite.

Here you can see some thermite welding
Here is Thermite vs a car
Have fun but be safe!


  1. Love the intro "I know it is not too much of a life hack but you never know when having the heat of the sun in a ball of Play-Doh ready to go may come in use." Not sure if I'll be trying this one, but it still keeps really cool. Great post! :)

  2. Breaking Bad discussed this too, lol.

  3. Just a side note - the reaction burns a lot better if the aluminum powder is very fine grain, basically don't try to file down powder for yourself, it won't work.

  4. Hoooo, I can see a prank in this!
    Kidding, kidding ;)

  5. If I didn't live in an apartment I'd try to make some.

  6. Throwin some in my survival kit.

  7. It sounds...somewhat dangerous xD

  8. That's fucking awesome. I'm too pussy to make any though.

  9. dont have cash for engredients :D

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  11. Lol, I'll probably use this for fun

  12. I could not find power aluminium i dont want to do it from scratching pieces of it.

  13. Jesus Christ, I don't think I hate anything enough for me to make this. Good to know though.

  14. That's awesome, and scarily simple enough! Great post!

  15. Wow I never knew...

    Now I do! Thanks! :D

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  19. Kids, Play-Do and Thermite might not be a great idea.

  20. sounds like one hell of a incendiary grenade

  21. Seems like it could be a fun party trick as long as there weren't any children around. I mean how coo would it be to light it off and be able to tell your friends that you created it?!

  22. dam I want to make this but dam!

  23. You can buy ingredients on amazon. Use 8 grams iron oxide, 3 grams aluminum poweder, and my truck is to grind down a whole bunch of sparklers and mix it all together and then put your magnesium wick in and light it