Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Party prank kit

Due to popular request I am going to make today's a Party prank kit.
Have fun but don't get yourself in trouble ;) Also be sure you don't hurt anyone!
Because I will be listing a bunch of products you can make and use I will separate each object. Simply pick the ones you want and make/bring them!

The case

The case can be anything from a Altoids container to a pill holder.
Just make sure the case is Hard and will not bend or smush in your pocket.

Salty drink

What you will need
Salt, water

Wet a bit of salt and shape into a little ball. Let dry
When you see your victim not eyeing his drink simply slip this in!
Be careful though, Someone may see this and think you are slipping drugs into the drink.
This also works great with other party foods like dip or nachos

Numbing of the big mouth

What you will need

This one is pretty evil. Put some Oragel into a small container in your pocket. Once you see a bottle or a glass near someone that is unattended or the person is distracted do the following.
1. Get oragel on your index finder and thumb
2. Walk by and touch the rim of the glass or the rim of the bottle with both fingers to spread the Gel on
3. Walk away

The person will take another drink without notice. In about 30 seconds his mouth will start to go numb and he will probably freak out.. Warning, This may end the party.

The soap without hope

This is a silly one. Bring a bottle of transparent nail polish and head into the washroom. Pour the bottle onto the soap bar and walk away.
It will dry in about 4 minutes completely ruining the soap.
From that point on whenever someone tries to lather up all they will get is a squeaking bar of soap!

Never sleep again

Purchase a annoyotron and when no one is looking wander into the hosts bedroom and plant it somewhere. For the next month they will be stuck thinking there is a lost cricket in the room! Very hard to find and very annoying!
(I do not sell or endorse this product)

Hot nuts

Everyone loves mixed nuts and after a few drinks be sure they will start to become the party favorite.
Bring a bag of tasty salted nuts but... First do the following.

Purchase 5 Red Habanero peppers
Crush these up and dilute the remains in a cup of vinegar
Place about 10 peanuts (or More if you are twisted) and let them soak for a hour
Take these out wearing some latex gloves and sprinkle a little salt on them then let them dry.
Add these back into the bag and shake.

Now at the party simply dump all the nuts into a bowl and smile.. Its like Russian roulette where every nut gets them closer and closer to that deadly hot nut!

The evil carpet gag

Every ones biggest fear at a party is to have something spilled on their rug that will not come out.
This is a really evil one as the host will freak completely out for a short while.

What you need
1. Plastic cup
2. Disappearing ink from a kids shop

Simply fill the glass half full with the ink and try to walk somewhere to place it down where no one will really notice but will be right on the edge ready to fall.
Next stay close to it and try to have someone do a party trick that involves them swinging around in an attempt to knock the glass over. (Be creative)

Once the glass falls the blue liquid will go everywhere freaking everyone out! Oh no!! The stains!!

Of course everyone will try to help clean up only to find that while they are cleaning the dark blue stains are disappearing!!

Extremely funny gag to play :D Just take it to your grave because there will be a ton of grumpy people for a while lol

These are all fun and should be pretty much harmless. Just be sure to gauge the party first and make sure you are not going to do something that will cause any physical pain to the others. Have fun and enjoy!


  1. I'm going to have to try a couple of these.

  2. Yes I was hoping you'd make this. Very cool.

  3. These are evil, cool ideas though.

  4. The soap bar thing just sounds annoying, haha

  5. Hehehe, nice list. I myself have tried the oragel prank on a friend who was at my house and it was hilarious! Nice entry!

  6. this made my morning!
    muahahaha revenge!!!!!

  7. Ahaha, this makes me glad I don't know you personally. I hate being pranked!

    Very amusing ideas though.

  8. I love the soap idea the disappearing ink one sounds fun but its kinda hard to find that stuff nowadays (

  9. i feel like this might get me in trouble. meh. worth it.

  10. Love the never sleep again one.

  11. lol I gotta try these at a party!

  12. lol gonna pick up an annoy-a-tron!

  13. Haha thats great. Love the hot nuts one

  14. hahaha legendary party pranks bro :) I like the oragel one haha.

  15. Some of these are weak, but the oragel freaking rocks.

  16. The salt one made me laugh, although you are right, being accused of drugging someone, not my cup of tea.

  17. I was going to ask in my last post and I forgot, why do you roll the salt in a ball? Couldn't you just put the powder in your hand and wave you hand over it nonchalantly and sprinkle it in? Would prevent someone from seeing a "pill".

  18. Heather

    If you walk around with salt in your hand and sprinkle it in chances are you will get it all over the table and they may notice that and put 2 and 2 together that it was you. To avoid this you will need to take 4 or 5 times longer to be careful with the deployment.

    With a pill form you simply drop it in :)

  19. haha There are some really funny ones in here. thanks for sharing.

  20. Have you done these? Have you ever been beaten up by drunks?

  21. That soap one sounds awesome, just imagine the frustration.

  22. The Hot Nuts will be going down at my next family gathering...

  23. lol ur terrible... ::copies the list:: xD

  24. Man the ink is a brutal prank - hopefully it would fully disappear?

  25. i might do some of these, but sheesh they're dangerous!

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  27. These sound fun... gotta be careful though.@

  28. haha im going to have to try these!